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When You See This Woman’s Story, You’ll Quit Smoking Immediately

Former smoker Terry Hall started smoking at the age of 13 and ever since, she was diagnosed with cancer 11 times. Smokers are completely aware of the damages caused by smoking and every 6.5 seconds, a person dies for causes related to this.

For Terri, everything started with cancer in her mouth. She didn’t stop smoking. Then, cancer in her throat. By cancer number 10 she was still alive, but when cancer number 11 appeared she wasn’t strong enough to fight it. She died in 2013, with only 53 years old.


This tough pictures shows Terry when she was young and healthy, and some years later, already ill.

Te aseguro que cuando veas la historia de esta mujer dejarás de fumar apenas termines el video


Terry took part in many anti-smoking campaigns as she didn’t want anyone to follow her same steps. 2 days before dying, she filmed this video. Her message is quite clear: STOP RIGHT NOW.


And this one, which is even more shocking

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