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Tourist From USA Arrested In Japan After Severed Head Found In His Rental Flat

Tourist From USA Arrested In Japan After Severed Head Found In His Rental Flat

Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar, of New York, held after woman went missing having answered invite on a dating app

Police have found dismembered body parts believed to belong to a Japanese woman who disappeared after meeting up with an American tourist via a dating application. Officials in Japan revealed that Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar, 26, is being questioned after the severed head of an unidentified woman, 27, was found inside his vacation rental at Osaka’s Higashinari Ward on February 24.

The gruesome discovery of a torso, arms and legs occurred a day after police found a human head in a suitcase at a lodging facility in Osaka, a major port city about 400km (250 miles) south-west of Tokyo.

The woman, 27, had apparently told friends she was going to see an American she had met on an app. The detained suspect has allegedly denied any connection with the case.

The New York man and Sanda woman, 27, were last spotted together on security footage at the JR Morinomiya Station in Osaka around midnight on February 16, just hours before she went missing, according to Asahi. Bayraktar was seen entering and leaving the apartment several times on February 16 with the suitcase. The woman was not seen leaving.

On Sunday he apparently lead the police to the victim’s unclothed arms, legs and torso, all buried in separate locations in parts of Kyoto and Osaka.

Her arms were found laying side-by-side under a light covering of soil about 1,800 feet from where the torso was buried in the mountains of Shimamoto, a town in the Osaka Prefecture, according to the newspaper. Other body parts, among which were legs, were found about 15 feet apart from each other in a wood area of Kyoto’s Yamashina Ward. The arms and legs looked like they were severed with a sharp blade, according to the Tokyo Reporter.

Nippon TV reported that the man’s parents denied allegations, and said Bayraktar had always dreamed about marrying a Japanese woman. An examination of the body parts is now being conducted to identify the victim, authorities in Japan said.

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