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These Awesome Home Theaters Will Make You Want One Of Your Own

Having a Home Theater is a dream, specially if they are themed and look like these.


Stargate Atlantis

1.) You could theme your home theater along the lines of Stargate: Atlantis.


20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

2.) Or get aquatic with a 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea theme.


A theater under the stars by the pool…just perfect.

3.) A theater by the pool and under the stars sounds good to me.


Movies and billiards. Great deal!

4.) Playing billiards would be a great way to relieve your nerves after a scary movie.


A Mario themed theater for all those Nintendo lovers.

5.) For all of you Nintendo fans out there, a Mario themed theater.


A futuristic home theater.

6.) In the future, we will all have epic home theaters like this one.


Egyptian themed.

7.) If your sense of style is more B.C. go for an Egyptian themed theater like this one.


Underground style themed.

8.) You could also build a theater that makes it feel like your deep under ground. If you're into the whole "miner" theme, that is.


Victorian styled.

9.) This theater looks like it was styled for Victorian royalty. Mind your p's and q's in this theater.


Pirates themed.

10.) This would be an awesome design for a home theater. Just remember it's illegal to "pirate" movies.


The roaring 20s!

11.) Nothing like a roaring 20s theme to bring you back to a time when cinema was less than 50 years old.


Batman themed.

12.) This Bat Cave home theater would be any Batman fan's dream.


And my favourite one…

13.) I don't know about you, but I think this is my favorite one. Yup definitely gotta start saving up for this.


After seeing all these theaters, I think I’ll start saving to buil my own. I’m not sure about the theme yet.









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