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He Took A Sit Next To 2 Kids On A Plane. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

Everyone talks about discrimination agains women, female equality, and so on. But what’s being undoubtedly ignored by many people is the fact that men suffer discrimination too. Seems like, nowadays, every man is a potential sexual predator and a pedofile.

This experiment shows how a woman taking photos by a kids’ pool spends more than half an hour doing so with no interrumptions at all, but when a man tries to do the same, he is attacked by a woman and then questioned by a lifeguard. The man even asks him to chek the shots in the camera.

Then, a man takes a sit next to two children on the plane of Virgin Airlines. He was instantly asked to leave the sit and change places with a woman because according to the airlines’ policy, men aren’t allowed to sit next to kids.

Watch the video below to see the complete story.

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