President Trump? Other famous people are now flirting with the idea of running in 2020.

Other famous people are now flirting with the idea of running for president of the USA

President Donald Trump! If you like the sound of that, what about president Oprah Winfrey? After witnessing the success of businessman and millionaire Donald Trump, many of America’s top dogs are considering running for office next time around. Mark Zuckerberg was the first to be speculated of thinking about this kind of move, but now many others are catching up. Among them are Oprah Winfrey, Robert Iger (CEO of Walt Disney), Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Maverics) and Howard Schultz (Starbucks CEO). All of a sudden, after Trump, everybody in the top crème of USA’s elite class wants a piece of the pie. Becoming president has almost become the next trophy for the elite.

No one would have thought that anything was missing in the lush lives of rich entrepreneurs, media moguls or famous talk-show hosts. And then Trump raised the bar. They are now often probed to express their inner feelings about the current sate of US politics, about the president, and in the end they are asked: “Would you run for president?”

Oprah might have been less than serious, but the rumors circling her are based on a recent interview by David Rubenstein of Bloomberg TV. Oprah said “I never considered the question, even the possibility … I just thought, I don’t have the experience, I don’t know enough … now I’m thinking, oh!”

If you think about it, she would be the first woman president, the first one-name president, and in many ways the natural heir to President Trump: a household name steeped in tabloid culture, and marketable. Some are joking that she could, for instance, expand Trump’s crackdown on crime by undocumented aliens to include alien abductions.

President Trump! Other famous people are now flirting with the idea of running in 2020.

Oprah Winfrey with President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama

Now Robert Iger, the CEO of the Walt Disney Company might be nudged toward a joining the race, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Now it’s becoming a real rat race. Iger had a talk with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg who was also thinking about having a taste of some politics, like a presidential run. They were apparently discussing the intricacies of transitioning from media champion to political novice. One should note that he isn’t as rich as Trump, or Oprah for that matter.

Mark Cuban is also an interesting story because of his Twitter feud with Trump. Unmoved by Trump’s remarks about his golf game, his looks, and his intelligence, Cuban was probably very deliberate in his response, saying: “We will see” when questioned by Business Insider about the possibilities of a run.

Next in line: Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks. Schultz mentioned the possibility of running for president. First he said: “Despite the encouragement of others, I have no intention of entering the presidential fray. I’m not done serving at Starbucks. Although we have built an iconic brand while providing even part-time employees with access to health care, free college education and stock options, there is more we can do as a public company to demonstrate responsible leadership.”

However, Schultz is retiring from his CEO post this spring, although he’ll remain with the company as executive chairman. And that’s when things got interesting. As the Times quoted him on his farewell meeting: ‘For me, perhaps there are other things that are part of my destiny’

President Trump! Other famous people are now flirting with the idea of running in 2020.

Mark Zuckerberg as president? Is he already setting the stage?

And of course, there’s the man who started it all: Mark Zuckerberg will be turning 35, which is the age required for candidature, a full year and a half before the 2020 elections start. Zuckerberg, the billionaire co-founder and chairman of Facebook, was raised Jewish but long considered himself atheist officially. Recently, however, he took to Facebook to announce that he now believes religion is very important. Setting the stage for collecting votes? We’ll see if he decides to play that card when the time comes. If he does start talking about religion and his sudden “conversion”, that would be a good sign of vote-scooping and catering to the general public. Also, his vagueness about which religion he was thinking about might be something to have in mind. He did say he would be celebrating Christmas, so there’s that.

Well, looks like Trump’s unlikely success is now snowballing all over the elite class of America. Will there be another ambitious and famous, perhaps even richer, outsider in 2020? And will the people actually choose someone who is more close to them? Someone who actually knows what it’s like to be poor, what the majority of the county actually needs, and someone who would  take care of the interest of the majority instead of elite interests.

If you were to ask these scientists, they would tell you “not a chance”. They have proven, with actual data that corruption is basically legal in the US and that no government in the last 20 or so years has been pro-people. It’s always money that dictates the laws, the foreign policies, the monetary policies and basically everything else.

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