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Autistic Kid Sings ‘Let It Go’ With The Help of The Community And It’s Amazing

The struggle truly is real when getting up to perform in front of a crowd of any size for nearly everyone, but if you happen to have autism, it can be even harder.

Fortunately, 13 year old Jagger Lavely conquered this feat in front of dozens of people on the stage at Oak Middle School’s talent show in Massachusetts, USA on Saturday.

He sang the famous song “Let It Go” from Disney’s animated film “Frozen” and completely smashed it.

Footage of his performance was picked up by ABC and went absolutely viral, with parents from all over commenting how great it was to see Jagger singing from the heart and entertaining everyone.

Kid with autism sings 'Let It Go' with the help of his community

Dressed as the snowman from the film, Olaf, he had some help from audience members who clapped along to show they were right there with him when it seemed like he might be faltering.

‘My heart just literally melted,’ Lauren Avant commented on YouTube.

Great job young man. Thank you for sharing,’ another poster wrote.


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