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23 Beautiful Nail Art Hacks To Avoid Spending Money At The Salon!

If you’re one of those girls who likes having their nails perfectly done, here are 23 nail art ideas you can make yourself to avoid spending money at the salon.

1- Make designs with a thin strip of nail tape


2- How to make obre nails without a sponge


3- Holographic foil design

See the tutorial here


4- Use a mechanical pencil to create a dot pattern


55- To create custom designs, use a Sharpie


6- Apply a white base coat to achieve more pigmentation


7- Create a beautiful design with a piece of lace


8- Carve out the end of pencil erasers to make leopard print stamps


9- Soak a sponge in acetone and put inside a small jar to create your own instant nail polish remover


10- Make your own glitter polish


11- Use a piece of plastic bag to make your own stickers


12- Use a toothpick, a piece of cotton, and nail polish remover to create a cleanup tool


13- Use a glitter pen to hide mistakes in your French manicure


14- Create designs with a gel pen. Make sure you give them enough time to dry


15- Use an eyelner pencil to pick up rhinestones


16- Use a sponge and glitter to create a gradient look


17- Use a plastic bag to create a turquoise and gold stone design


18- Make a nail stencil with a heart-shaped hole punch


19- Make a holographic rainbow manicure

See the tutorial here


20- Make a dot grid to get your lines straight


21- Use a brush for a thin, multi-colored design


22- Use the French Tip Dip for the perfect home-made manicure


23- Or you can use a rubber band









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