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15 Beautiful DIY Phone Cases You Can Make At Home With Cheap Materials

Smartphone cases can be really expensive, so, what if you could make you own, home-made , creap case? Give it your personal style to your case and save money using cheap materials.

1) This pink case is made using washi tape

1.) This pink herringbone pattern is made using washi tape.

Check the tutorial here


2) A leather case to protect your phone from damage

2.) Make a cute leather carrying case for your phone to protect it from damage.

Learn how to do it here


3) A colorful case with buttons

3.) Recycle old buttons and make a colorful phone case.

Follow the steps here


4) A camera-style case with felt

4.) Make a camera-style case for your phone using felt.

Check the tutorial here


5) Studded iPhone Case

5.) For an edgy case, buy some studs, which can be bought at most craft stores.

Instructions here


6) Tapestry style case

6.) Make your phone look like a tapestry in a few easy steps.

Click here to see the tutorial


7) 3D case with your favorite trinkets

7.) Attach your favorite trinkets to your phone case for a textured, 3-D look.

Learn how to do it here


8) Add some fresh flowers to your phone case

8.) Fresh pressed flowers make for an ethereal phone case.

Here‘s the tutorial


9) Star Trek case

9.) Unleash your inner Trekkie with this <i>Star Trek</i> Spock phone case.

Read the how-to here


10) Leather envelope phone case

10.) Show how stylish you are with this leather envelope phone case.

Learn how to do it here


11) Seal your glittery phone case to keep the glitter from falling off

11.) Seal a glittery phone case with craft finish to keep the glitter from falling off.

Read the tutorial here

12) The box of your favorite candy can make the perfect case

12.) Make a carrying case out of a box of your favorite candy.

Follow the instructions here

13) Doodle case to express your creativity

13.) Show off your artistic talent with a DIY doodle case.

Check the tutorial hereĀ 


14) Best friends glitter cases with fabric

14.) Make a set of best friend phone cases with glitter, fabric, and craft pearls.

More details here


15) Cool ombre case

15.) This cool ombre phone case is made with paint, water, and a sponge.

Learn how to do it here


All of them are easier than you think. I din’t know what case to buy but now I can make my own. I loved the best friends pair. Which one are you going to make?




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