12 Facts About Celebrities That Will Completely Change The Way You See Them

Celebs are always exposed for us to know everything about them, but apparently, there are some curious facts that were well-kept secrets.


1) When Christian Bale started promoting his Batman character, he did the interviews with an American accent because he felt that Americans would not accept a British Batman.


2) Tim Lambesis, the leader of the Christian band As I Lay Dying, is Atheist.


3) Alice Cooper is a practicing Christian and conducts a Bible study.


4) Thomas F. Wilson played the character of a bully in Back To The Future. In real life, he was a victim of bullying.


5) Daniel Dae Kim’s character in Lost didn’t speak English. Incredibly, in real life he didn’t speak Korean.


6) Cliff Curtis is a New Zealand Maori descent, but in movies he plays Arab, Persian, Greek, and Mexican characters.


7) Many believe Ozzy Osbourne is a Satanist. In fact, he’s a follower of the Anglican Church.


8) Joseph Fiennes is a Catholic, but he played Martin Luther, the leader of the protestant reformation that split from the Catholic Church.


9) Sean Connery is just 12 years older than Harrison Ford, but in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade they looked really different in age.


10) Ralph Nacchio played 17-year-old Daniel Larusso in Karate Kid and people felt he was still too young for the character. He was in fact 23.


11) Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter played siblings in Dexter. In real life they were married (and then got divorced).


12) The actor who played Uncle Rico in Napoleon Dynamite is a vegan. When he had to eat meat in the movie, he spit it out after the take.












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